Seniors drink more porridge in spring health

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Seniors drink more porridge in spring health

The elderly’s digestive ability will be weakened. Drinking porridge properly will help digestion and absorption.

White rice porridge is simple and time-saving to make. It tastes soft and chewy. Many elderly people regard it as the first choice, but the nutrition of white rice porridge is too single. Older friends may wish to change some tricks and add more to the porridge.

  In the traditional concept, white rice porridge has always been regarded as the “most supportive” food. After rice is continuously cooked, the water content is higher, the starch is gelatinized more fully, and it is easier to be absorbed by the small intestine.

But this feature is actually a “double-edged sword”, it will also significantly increase blood sugar, always drink it because of chewing and accelerate the degradation of chewing organs.

In addition, the nutrition of white rice porridge is too single, and the lowest fiber content is not conducive to defecation.

In fact, if you want porridge to be more supportive, you may wish to add some ingredients.

  Coarse grains and miscellaneous grains are allowed to take in fiber, and the “thickness and fineness” are more complementary in nutrition. Therefore, it is not a hindrance to add some coarse grains when cooking white rice porridge.

For example, corn known as the “golden staple food” contains protein, riboflavin, multivitamins and minerals, etc., has the functions of preventing cancer and cancer, and delaying aging; millet is also recommended, tryptophan in milletAcid can soothe the nerves and help sleep, rich iron can not only nourish yin and blood, but also moisturize laxative; can also put some beans, red beans have a slight sweet taste after cooking, and its lysine content is high, suitable for white rice mixingBoil porridge; sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition and high in protein quality, especially sweet potatoes are rich in lysine. When mixed with rice noodles, they can play a complementary role in protein; pumpkin is mild, has the effect of replenishing qi, clearing heat and detoxifying, suitable forCooking porridge.

In addition, add some yam, taro, etc. are also good choices.

  Southerners like to make porridge with meat, which is very good for the elderly with bad teeth.

When cooking porridge, you can use lean pork, lean beef, chicken, etc. to chop minced meat into porridge, or put fish, shrimp, etc. into seafood porridge.

Given that older friends have more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, it is recommended to eat more “white meat”, such as seafood, chicken, and less “red meat”, such as beef and mutton and pork.

In addition, you can also add some chopped green leafy vegetables when the porridge is almost cooked. The tender color can stimulate appetite and supplement vitamins.

However, it should be noted that in order to reduce the loss of nutrients, the cooking time of green leafy vegetables should be minimized.