Potato is the ideal food for weight control

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Potato is the ideal food for weight control

The sun is shining, the air is full of the breath of spring, and people’s moods are clear as spring.

At this time, the beauty-conscious women are about to take action: Quickly shake off the slight recovery and build-up figure accumulated in winter, so that the skin becomes more hydrated and shiny.

For this summer’s skirt dance, go for a revolution, in the name of the potato!

  Underground Apple-Potato Why Choose Potato?

The potato has always been known as the “underground apple”.

Just like apples, potatoes can help you achieve your health and beauty aspirations this spring.

There is no doubt that potatoes are rich in wholesome supplementary fiber.

A 148 g (nearly two or two) skinned potato contains 3 g of starch fiber, which can meet 12% of people’s daily demand (Source: US Food and Drug Administration).

This is very similar to the metabolic fiber content in apples.

  Fiber supplements are great for both beauty and health.

Dietary fiber helps better digestion and absorption and is a recipe for weight control.

Because budget fiber makes people feel full, they can naturally reduce excess food, which is the most important factor in controlling weight.

Multiple health studies have also shown that plasma fiber helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease.

For your beauty and health, add enough fiber every day!

Potatoes are the perfect choice to provide this fiber nutrition.

  In addition to supplementing fiber, potatoes can also maintain the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy life.

A 148-gram potato can provide 45% of daily vitamin C demand and 10% of B6 daily demand.

Because it grows in the soil, potatoes are naturally impurities and minerals, which can provide 21% of the potassium required by the human body and 6% of the phosphorus.

  Potatoes are the ideal food for weight control. Experts believe that weight gain is due to the body’s implanted metastasis exceeding its energy consumption.

Fruits and vegetables have less nutrients and vitamins, which can effectively control weight.

Micronutrient-fiber potato almost satiety and produces little change: only 100 calories per 148 grams of potato, and no trace.

Professor Rao Pingfan, Dean of the School of Biological Science and Engineering of Fuzhou University, said: “A cooked potato is a food that is relatively rare in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals.

In fact, it is a small amount to exclude the food of the uncle, which can effectively control the intake of the uncle in people’s daily diet.

The weight-loss effect of potato is ideal for weight control.

“Exercise moderately is great for consuming calories and staying slim, but exercise requires energy.

To the delight of most beauties, potatoes contain an important vagina that provides energy for the body’s daily activities.

Experts’ advice to women is that 50% to 60% of the volume of food should come from impurities, and most of them should be composite polyester (ie impurities contained in potatoes), because the composite additives contain a large amount of precipitated fiber, vitamins andMinerals.

Let fat-free, high dietary fiber, high vitamin, high mineral content potatoes become the weight loss food of this spring, put it in your “weight loss recipe”!