Reasonable nutritional supplement during strength training

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Reasonable nutritional supplement during strength training

Gaining muscle strength is an art based on scientific strength training and reasonable and balanced nutrition. Training and nutrition work together to achieve muscle growth.

This problem can be likened to the earthquake. After the earthquake, the original building was destroyed, and a more solid building will be reconstructed on this basis.

Muscle building is also effective. The purpose of exercise is to destroy the muscle tissue of the body. After that, the damaged muscle tissue will be reorganized and stronger than the original. Therefore, muscles usually have soreness after strength training, but the soreness gradually subsides.There is obvious growth.

Therefore, a certain amount of training load should be guaranteed during strength training to ensure sufficient stimulation of the muscles, and at the same time to ensure adequate nutrition supply to meet the needs of rapid muscle growth.

  First, protein supplementation. Muscles need “bricks” and “cement” just like building a house. The so-called “bricks” are the raw materials for muscle growth. They mainly refer to proteins and amino acids. The so-called “cement” refers to a good muscle growth.The internal environment can ensure the smooth progress of muscle synthesis.

  The amount of protein absorbed by the general population requires that each person cannot insert 0 every day.

Only 8 grams / kg of body weight can maintain the basic life activities of the body. When athletes participate in strength training, the demand for protein is much greater than that of the general population, and daily supplements are required.


0 g / kg body weight, there are certain differences between athletes in different events.

  Protein can be obtained from the diet, including protein-decomposed foods such as various meats, eggs, fish, and legumes. However, when eating a lot of protein through the diet, it often brings a lot of aunts. For example, the Chinese are used toEat pork, while the trace content of fat and lean pork is above 1/3, and the trace of pure lean meat is also above 6%.

Because excessive intake of porridge will increase the body’s impurity content and exercise capacity, so in this case, you should pay more attention to the intake of high-quality protein, and increase the replacement of high-quality protein in expenditure (eat fish, shrimp, lean beef,Lean mutton, etc.), you can also add some whey protein.

  Second, creatine supplementation can significantly increase athletes’ lean weight and strength. There are two main reasons for this. One is that creatine can increase the content of creatine phosphate in muscle and release more energy for exercise.

The second reason is that when creatine enters muscle cells, it will bring a lot of water, which will increase the volume of muscle cells, which will help muscle cells absorb amino acids and other substances and synthesize proteins, so it can increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis and promote muscle growth.

For example, a reasonable combination of pure creatine and whey protein, combined with training, can significantly increase muscle strength. The combination of the two is also known as the “golden combination” of muscle growth.

  Third, to promote synthesis, anti-decomposition muscle protein is always in the alternating process of renewal and destruction: new protein synthesis, old protein decomposition.

Anabolic factors act like adhesives, bringing the raw materials that synthesize muscles tightly together to help muscles grow stronger.

What is an anabolic factor?

Promoting factors are safe and effective “promoting and anti-decomposing” sports nutrition foods, such as glutamine.

  Glutamine is the most widely distributed and most abundant free amino acid in the human body. It can increase the volume of cells within a certain range and help promote the anabolic process of proteins and glycogen. Glutamine can also increaseWater provides an amino acid source for muscle protein synthesis, and at the same time can stimulate the release of synthetic hormones such as growth hormone.

In addition, glutamine can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle and relieve muscle soreness.

  Fourth, to promote the rapid repair of muscle micro-injuries. After simple exercise, sugar supplementation alone can not improve the muscle micro-injuries and continuous soreness caused by strength training, and eliminating enough protein and protein mixture in time after exercise can obviously eliminate this symptom, Improve muscle strength, such as can supplement the second generation of fitness drink and pure whey protein powder.

  A formula is currently prevailing internationally: hard training + recovery = success, which shows that recovery and training are important factors for success.

Training without fatigue is ineffective training. Similarly, training with fatigue but no recovery will not achieve good training results.

This is also the process of strength training. It is necessary to ensure the effect of strength training and find ways to strengthen nutrition and promote recovery after training, so that it can be converted into promoting muscle strength growth.