[How to choose watermelon to be delicious]_Selection skills_How to choose

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[How to choose watermelon to be delicious]_Selection skills_How to choose

Watermelon is a must-have fruit in summer and a great product for summer heat and water.

I didn’t buy a big watermelon in the summer and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze. When I opened it, it was iced and sweet, sweet and delicious, especially delicious.

But not every watermelon is sweet. If you don’t pick it well, it will not be sweet, but it will taste a little bit sour, so how can you choose a sweet and delicious watermelon?

The first step in selecting melon-look at the color, texture, and Guadi of the melon skin.

Generally, the texture is clear, the shades are distinct, and the gloss is bright.

It is often said that the melons are ripe, then while looking at the texture, look at whether the umbilical cord is recessed inward. If the recession is definitely cooked, otherwise you will give up choosing it.

How to choose delicious watermelons and choose melons The second step-when you choose melons, you must be a doctor, watermelons are your patients.

After watching it, touch it again.

Swipe across the melon skin with the palm of your hand. If the watermelon “skin” is found to be smooth, it is naturally a good watermelon. On the other hand, if the surface is astringent or sticky, hurry up and say goodbye to it.

How to choose a delicious watermelon requires some technical content, so after the first two steps you are familiar with, the third step will help you to be more secure.

First hold the watermelon in your hand, and gently pat with your fingers to make a crisp sound of “咚, 咚”. The hand of the melon feels a little trembling, and it is a ripe melon. If the “burst” sound is relatively mature,Reflected that if you buy it and eat it every few days, this kind of melon can become the first choice; the sound of “噗, 噗” is an overripe melon. Do n’t buy it, sometimes go home and cut it.The mouth is distorted and tastes like cotton, soft and tasteless.

In addition, the “click, click” sound is definitely raw melon, remember, do not take this melon home.

Step 4-Selecting a melon can actually be performed at the same time as the third step, that is, when holding the melon with both hands, you can take advantage of the trend, and the riper the watermelon, the lighter the weight.

Watermelons of the same size are generally lighter, while those that are too heavy are raw melon.

How to choose delicious watermelons and choose melons Step 6-Try If you really find that the amount is not enough, then don’t worry, and teach you one more step: that is to test the proportion.

In the bucket attract the watermelon you want to choose. If it floats upward, it must be a ripe melon; the sinking naturally is a raw melon.

This trick is simpler, but sometimes the bucket is not a coincidence when buying watermelon, so ha, it is more practical to master your skills.

Step 7 of choosing melon-Compared with a bunch of watermelons, observing the size of the watermelon with the naked eye can also match the watermelon you like.

Generally, in the same variety, large watermelons are better than small watermelons and have a sweeter taste.

Selecting the Eighth Step-In fact, this step is not the same as the first step.

Although the meaning of Kan and Guan is almost the same, the main idea here is to look at the shape of the watermelon as a whole. Generally, the watermelon body is neat and well-groomed, with normal growth and good quality; the melon body is deformed, with abnormal growth and poor quality.

However, there is also a saying in the folk community of “crooked melon and cracked jujube”, which is equivalent to the sweetness of a watermelon that is generally longer than a shapely watermelon. Of course, this saying has a long history and can only be produced in a time when the artificial cultivation was not highNowadays, it is still best to choose a more symmetrical watermelon.

The ninth step of selecting melons-huh, huh, maybe extra friends don’t know what it means. This is actually a dialect of Shaanxi.

The meaning is to eat, but the meaning of eating more than strength, more than energy.

Cut the watermelon scoops and see, after these steps, is the watermelon you choose quite sweet?

Haha, your experience in picking melons is definitely better than Wang Po!

Precautions Be careful when cutting watermelon, but also pay attention to children’s watermelon to quench their thirst, but also the right amount