Chinese medicine advice: Women’s calcium soy milk is good

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Chinese medicine advice: Women’s calcium soy milk is good

As an important division of labor in society, women not only have to take care of their daily lives, but also face the pressure from all sectors of society and their own physical changes.

It is said that women are made of “water”, then women are to be protected, which is reflected in the confession of lovers from ancient times to the present or respect for women.

So for the care of a woman’s life, the first thing we must do is take care of the body.

  A woman has to undergo physical changes in her body during her lifetime, menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and aging.

This has at least accelerated the aging rate of women and caused a loss of calcium in women’s bodies. The reduction in endocrine hastened the aging process. Bone has already experienced the most vulnerable stage compared to when young.

Therefore, calcium supplementation has become a proposition in women’s life.

  So how do we make it up, or how do we make it up?

Proper calcium supplementation helps with key functions.

Most people choose milk or bone soup to supplement it.

However, in the end, the symptoms of osteoporosis appeared. Clinical nutrition experts explained: This has a lot to do with the animal protein that we implanted while supplementing calcium.

Because the animal protein contains sulfur-containing amino acids with free radicals, many acidic metabolites are produced, making the blood acidic and acidic in the body, and our body cannot operate in an acidic environment.

  As a result, they “basically misappropriate” calcium and magnesium from the bones to counteract acidity.

In addition, more than 75% of Chinese people have different levels of “lactose intolerance”, which causes most Chinese people to experience indigestion, bloating, diarrhea and other conditions after absorbing glucose.Facilitates the absorption and deposition of calcium.

  Health experts have suggested that women drink soy milk to supplement calcium most reliably.

Don’t eat calcium and drink pork bone soup, but two cups of fresh soy milk every day will make you drink bone health.

  This simple and effective way of supplementing calcium is to use. Soymilk is rich in calcium and itself contains soy isoflavones that can bind to estrogen receptors on bone cells, thereby promoting calcium absorption, reducing bone loss, and reducing urine.Liquid calcium.

In addition, soy milk itself has very low sugar content and belongs to oligosaccharides, so there is no problem of lactose intolerance, which ensures the absorption effect of calcium element.

Therefore, drinking soy milk as a healthy diet is highly praised by health experts.

  In terms of the absorption of soy milk, nutrition experts recommend that drinking two cups of fresh soy milk every day, about 600-800 ml, can ensure that there are a large number of nutrients every day, and continuously create a very beneficial calcium absorption and utilization in the body for a long time.The alkaline environment greatly improves the bioavailability of calcium.

  At the same time, through the increasingly standardized soymilk market and the continuous upgrade and evolution of products on the market, the soymilk machine is convenient and fast. You only need to soak the beans to directly directly soymilk.Safe and convenient lifestyle.

  Caring for women’s health and reducing the incidence of diseases, women’s calcium supplementation has become a social topic. Good calcium supplementation methods and methods make calcium supplementation more effective.

Vibrant and young health is the most beautiful!