Nutritional secrets of zucchini

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Nutritional secrets of zucchini

Zucchini is native to southern North America and is widely cultivated today. It is quite nutritious and sweet.

  Introduction Also known as American pumpkin, is a variant of pumpkin.

Zucchini is popular for its thin skin, thick meat, and juicy juices, which can be cooked and cooked, and can be stuffed with vegetables.

  Nutritional value Zucchini contains vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, especially calcium.

The content of nutrients per 100g of edible part (fresh weight) of different varieties is as follows: protein 0.


9g, aunt 0.


2 grams, cellulose 0.


9 grams, sugars 2.


3g, 20-40 micrograms of carotene, vitamin C2.

5-9 mg, calcium 22-29 mg.

  Efficacy Chinese medicine believes that zucchini has the functions of clearing heat and diuretic, removing annoyance and thirst, moistening lungs and coughing, and reducing swelling.

It can be used to help treat edema, abdominal distension, troubles, sores, nephritis, cirrhosis and ascites.

Zucchini contains an interferon inducer, which can stimulate the body to produce interferon, improve immunity, and exert antiviral and tumor effects.

Zucchini vitamins have a moisturizing effect on the skin.

  Suitable for the general population can be eaten.

  The applicable amount is 82 grams twice.

  Tips should not be eaten raw, not too rotten when cooking to avoid loss of nutrition.

People who have a cold spleen and stomach should eat less.